“Let's get gargling”:
Covid-19 protection for yourself and your family in the workplace and beyond!

For many months now, tens of thousands of people in Bavaria have been gargling an H2O2/alcohol solution that provides both a gentle virucidal effect and sustainable virus-reducing results. Gargling every day at set intervals or after contact with others inhibits the ability of the viruses to dock and replicate in the throat – a hotspot for the development of Covid-19. This treatment can almost completely prevent infection or ensure that symptoms remain mild. More and more people are using this effective infection protection strategy known as the ‘Corona Stop 21/Gurgeln21 initiative’.

Scientifically sound and practical
This strategy is based on a scientifically sound and practical means of preventing infection. Virus-reducing gargling of H2O2/alcohol at set intervals is generally recognised as a safe and easy measure that any individual can perform independently. In terms of clinical practice, the active ingredients are also used by ear, nose and throat doctors as well as by dentists.

Protection for wider society, your family and the workplace
Due to the heightened risk of infection resulting from increasing mutations, this strategy is ideal for anyone – vaccinated or not – who is looking to enjoy greater protection and above all take responsible action for the benefit of their family, their workplace and wider society!

Dr. Achmin Neumayr

Dr. med. Achim Neumayr
Specialist for general medicine


The Gurgeln21 initiative is based on a practical and sound treatment for preventing infection

Tens of thousands of people are already successfully protecting themselves by gargling H2O2/alcohol at set intervals

The strategy inhibits docking and replication of the virus in the throat – a vital hotspot (anti-docking)

Its decisive feature is not the spontaneous virucidal effect, but the continuous virus-reducing results

The method attacks the same aspect as the vaccines, namely the spike protein

It remains effective even in the case of mutations

The Strategy

The Gurgeln21 (‘Gargling21’) initiative represents a sound and effective strategy for sustainably curbing and controlling the current critical levels of infection while boosting the immunisation of society. This method focuses on inhibiting virus replication and supporting the body’s own defence mechanisms.

Strategic approach
Virales Docking: Die Gefahr im Rachen

Danger: viral docking in the throat
If you breathe in droplets of adsorbed viruses through your nose and mouth, these first come into contact with secretions and mucous located in the mucous membranes of the nose or throat. As mucosal and nasal secretions are directed to the throat by the ciliated epithelium in the nose, any viruses breathed in through the nose are also transported to the throat. The virus then attempts to breach the mucous membrane barrier via the cells in the nose and throat, penetrating through to the mucous membrane in the throat – which does not feature any ciliated epithelium. Once there, it can reproduce and replicate on a massive scale. This docking process is currently believed to take approx. 2–6 hours. The number of viruses that reach the bronchi, and especially the lungs, simply by being breathed in is relatively low. Only when the viruses exit the cells in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat is there a danger of the bronchial system and the lungs potentially being flooded by mass virus replication.

Die Schwachstelle des Virus

Using the weak point of the virus
The virus has a significant weakness: at this stage, the spike protein that gives the virus its special crown-like appearance and serves to dock onto the receptors of a host cell is in a metastable state. This means the virus is vulnerable while it performs the conformity-related changes that are necessary for the virus membrane to fuse with the cell membrane and therefore be drawn into the somatic cell.

One option would be to kill the pathogens in the throat. However, virucidal methods would place intense strain on the mucous membranes and impair the local immune system. A far more sensible approach would be to pursue a virus-reducing method that significantly suppresses the docking process.

Docking am Eintrittsort unterbinden

Virus-reducing gargling at set intervals
A suitable virus-reducing method involves systematic gargling at set intervals with a solution containing 1.5% H2O2 and alcohol. This would largely inhibit the docking process and reduce the viral load in the nose and throat area. It would also support the body’s own defence mechanisms and stop these from being overwhelmed – thus preventing the explosive replication of the virus.

Die Methode: Systematisches Gurgeln mit einer Antidocking-Lösung

Preventative and therapeutic
The continuous preventative application of a virus-reducing gargling solution should proceed on a daily basis at intervals of 4 to 6 hours. For patients with the virus, the solution should be applied in the same manner as supportive therapy until they have recovered. Application can also occur in specific cases as a post-exposure method following contact with people who may be infected. The recommended minimum application period in such situations is 1 week.

Einfache Anwendung

Preventative application
2–3 times a day (at intervals of approx. 4–6 hours), rinse and gargle 10 ml of the solution (approx. 3–4 teaspoons) in the mouth and throat for approx. 30 seconds – preferably after eating. Following application, simply spit out and do not rinse with water.

Application following potential exposure
Same as preventative application, minimum period of 1 week

Application in case of confirmed infection
Increased application: 3–4 times a day, application to proceed until recovery

Additional application (medicinal charcoal)
For extra protection, you can gargle medicinal charcoal before bedtime to ensure that any subsequent viruses potentially exiting the nasal cavity are bound in the throat.

Formulation and supply
Einfache, kostengünstige Rezeptur

Glycerinum: 15,0000 g
Dexpanthenol: 25,0000 g
Wasserstoffperox (3 %): 250,0000 g
Ethanol (96 %): 36,4550 g
Oleum menthae pip: 0,5000 g
Solutio sorbitoli (70 %): 37,5000 g
Aqua pur: ad 500,0000 g

Total quantity: 500,0000 g

(Can be stored for approx. 3–6 months in a cool, dark place)

Using this formulation, any registered chemist will be able to produce the gargling solution for sale on site.


The consistent and continuous application of a virus-reducing gargling solution does more than simply help healthy people take preventative measures to protect themselves against a severe coronavirus infection. Thanks to this method, infected people who are asymptomatic would also represent a reduced source of infection in relative terms.

In the context of this application, neither the defensine system of the mucous membranes nor the non-specific cellular immune defences would be overloaded – which mirrors the response observed in asymptomatic patients to date.

Low-risk immunisation
In the case of infected patients presenting symptoms, this method would reduce the viral load so substantially as to prevent the development of severe symptoms or severe illness almost entirely. The immune system would remain functional and be able to fight the reduced viral load.

This method would therefore enable the ‘soft’ immunisation of those affected without the risk of critical illness! Whether used as a preventative measure or as part of post-infection treatment, all of society would benefit considerably from the systematic and comprehensive application of this strategy.


Overview of key benefits

  • Gargling H2O2/alcohol at set intervals is a practical and scientifically sound means of preventing infection
  • Inhibits docking and replication of the virus in the throat – a vital hotspot
  • Significantly reduces the risk of infection with Covid-19, even in asymptomatic cases*
  • Provides gentle virucidal effect and sustainable virus-reducing results
  • Protects against virus mutations and prevents risk of transmission by immunised people
  • Reduces application risks relating to masks
  • Easy application
  • Suitable for all aged 3 and over
  • Very well tolerated

* According to the medical and scientific expertise of Dr Achim Neumayr, Villenbach


  • Reducing the risk and rate of infection
  • Relieving the strain on the healthcare system
  • Safeguarding economic productivity
  • Increasing quality of life

  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Communicating, discussing and promoting the concept in relevant areas (science, research, politics, healthcare, media, etc.)
  • Recognition as a recommended preventative measure for the general public within official infection protection regulations
  • Recommendation as a preventative application in primary care provided by general practitioners and specialists, as well as for vulnerable social groups in particular
  • Recommendation as a preventative/adjunctive method in primary care provided by general practitioners and specialists and also within healthcare and elderly care institutions, as a means of reducing the viral load following a positive SARS-CoV-2 test, at the onset of illness or in advanced cases
  • Recognition as an additional official preventative/adjunctive measure within the hygiene concept of healthcare and elderly care institutions

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Scientific background
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Dr. med. Neumayr
Dr Achim Neumayr
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  • Radiation protection commissioner for the state of Bavaria
Key fields of activity/specialisations
  • Development of procedures for boosting psychophysical performance
  • Structural and molecular biology/development of innovative microbiological products
  • Adjuvant tumour therapy
  • Patent development for nanotechnical hydrate cellulose, patent granted in the EU, Canada and the USA
  • Patent development for biological insecticides to combat the Anopheles genus of mosquito (patent pending)
  • Patent development for bacterial/biological seawater desalination (patent pending)
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